Hubble winner at the 2021 Proptech Awards

Hubble's Big Win at Australia's First Proptech Awards
Written by
Pia Daniells
Published on
March 21, 2024

Hubble's Big Win at Australia's First Proptech Awards

In an exciting turn of events in Sydney, the Proptech Association Australia hosted its first Proptech Awards. The event wasn't just about Hubble winning. It was a celebration highlighting how technology is changing the real estate world for the better. It spotlighted the innovative use of technology, showcasing its critical role in the industry's future.

Technology Solving Real Problems

Kylie Davis, the leader of the Proptech Association Australia, took the stage to congratulate the winners. She praised them for using technology to solve real-world problems. The solutions developed by the winners are practical, cost-effective, and positively impact users.

Hubble Stands Out

Hubble shined at the awards, taking the top prize for creative design among new companies. Mixing AI (artificial intelligence) with clever design brings something new to property tech.

Winner: Hubble – an artificial intelligence platform that predicts and assesses property – either existing or in design – based on criteria such as carbon neutrality, allergy-free, comfort, and potential for bill savings. "Innovation isn't just about the next big idea; it's about making real differences in people's lives, every single day," remarked Marco Salinas during his statement while receiving the award.

Hubble's ai platform is at the forefront, using AI to evaluate properties, whether they are just designs or already built. It measures them against various standards such as energy efficiency, allergy-friendliness, and potential cost savings.

Proptech awards at Ashurst Sydney

This reflects a broader trend of increasing interest among individuals and communities in adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly living practices. In his talk, Marco Salinas from Hubble mentioned that innovation means making a positive difference in our daily lives. It's about improving things in practical, healthy and cost-effective ways.

When we focus on using clean energy and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, we take big steps towards creating a cleaner, healthier world. This change towards more sustainable ways of living is crucial for our future. It's not just a short-lived fashion; it's a deep shift in how we think about and use resources. It's about making sure our planet stays livable for generations to come.

Marco Salinas pointed out the importance of finding long term solutions that work well and are simple for everyone to adopt. Innovation should do more than introduce new gadgets or ideas. It should bring genuine benefits that improve our everyday lives and help protect the environment. This means creating technology and methods that are accessible to all so everyone can contribute to a healthier planet.

With these kinds of innovations, we're not just making small changes; we're making real progress. This progress impacts our daily life by making it more sustainable and also benefits the earth in the long run. By embracing reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency, we're ensuring a better future for our planet. This advancement is vital because it helps us live in harmony with the environment, preserving it for future generations while improving our current way of life.

Community and Collaboration

The launch of the Proptech Awards highlighted the spirit of collaboration within the proptech community. Davis thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the event, from the organisational team to the participants and supporters. Special gratitude was extended to Ashurst for their significant role in supporting the event, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in sparking innovation.

Future Prospects

This event marks the beginning of what the Proptech Association Australia hopes will become a yearly tradition. It aims to continue promoting the evolution of property technology, shining a light on innovations that can make real estate more sustainable, energy-efficient, and less reliant on fossil fuels. For those interested in learning more about the winners and their groundbreaking solutions, detailed information is available on Startup Daily and at the Proptech Association website:

The Proptech Awards have revealed the immense potential within the property technology sector and established a benchmark for excellence and innovation. As the industry evolves, the effects of these innovations on the global real estate market are highly anticipated. They promise significant advancements in making homes and buildings more energy-efficient, increasing property values, and supporting the transition to clean energy, all while offering practical, real-time solutions that reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and promote a more sustainable future.

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