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With support from more than 20 councils, Hubble is an AI platform that guides residents in understanding energy efficiency and building resilient communities prepared for climate change. It offers tailored solutions for councils to monitor community impact and educate residents on crucial measures to enhance energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and home climate resilience.
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Benefits of partnering with Hubble

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
Enhance climate resilience
Partnering with Hubble empowers residents to create homes that are resilient to climate change, safeguarding their property investments while taking a crucial step towards environmental sustainability.
Monitor and measure your Council's impact
With Hubble, councils can gain insights into community engagement levels and the effectiveness of energy efficiency initiatives, providing a clear picture of the tangible impact on residents' homes and the broader community.
Improved comfort
Hubble's expertise helps residents build homes that go beyond energy efficiency and climate resilience, prioritising comfort as well. By implementing the recommended strategies, residents can enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

We engaged Hubble to develop the My Cool Home household decision support tool and 3D walk-through, both of which are deployed to the AdaptWest website.  It has been great working with the Hubble team who have been responsive and accommodating of the project scope and understanding of our objectives.

Jeremy Miller
Regional Coordinator, AdaptWest

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