Hubble at COP28: Pioneering AI for Sustainable Living

Hubble showcased innovative, sustainable housing solutions at COP28 UAE, highlighting its AI-driven platform for energy-efficient homes.
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March 29, 2024

Hubble at COP28 UAE: Pioneering AI for Sustainable Living

Jim Woolcock and Marco Salinas, founders at Hubble, presented the company's vision and solutions at the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference.

Thanks to the support of the government of South Australia, Hubble was able to showcase its innovative strategies for enhancing the energy efficiency of properties through the power of artificial intelligence. The presentation aimed to shed light on the pressing need for sustainable housing and the role of technology in achieving this goal.

Salinas engaged the audience by illustrating Hubble's mission, which is to revolutionise how homes are built and renovated. By integrating sustainability into the fabric of home construction, Hubble is leading the charge in the transition toward a zero-carbon future.

The Complexity of Energy Efficiency

The journey towards energy-efficient homes is fraught with challenges and complexities. Salinas explained that designing a sustainable property involves a myriad of decisions, each with its impact on the outcome.

Factors such as geographic location, architectural design, and material selection all play critical roles in the energy efficiency of a building - highlighting the importance of considering these elements in harmony to achieve the best results.

Moreover, Salinas pointed out the often underestimated time spent planning for energy efficiency. With an overwhelming number of possible scenarios, the planning phase could extend for decades if conducted without the aid of advanced tools.

Hubble's Innovative Solution

Hubble's presentation at COP28 showcased its unique solution to the energy efficiency challenge. The company's AI-driven platform is capable of analysing a property's potential energy performance based on a select few critical variables. This predictive capability allows stakeholders to identify the most impactful measures to enhance a building's energy efficiency.

Following the initial analysis, Hubble presents a suite of upgrade proposals, each designed for the energy performance of new or existing buildings. These proposals are the result of a sophisticated algorithm that balances the cost, comfort, and environmental impact of each potential upgrade.

Alongside this, the platform's user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that recommendations are not only accessible but also actionable, making it easier for homeowners and developers alike to make informed decisions.

Technology and Climate Adaptation

However, it's important to know that Hubble's technology does more than improve energy efficiency. It also includes steps to get homes ready for the changing climate.

Salinas pointed out the need for homes to have a light touch on the environment and to be strong in the face of climate change. Hubble's platform gives detailed advice on how to make each home better suited to different climate situations, making sure they stay sustainable and comfortable for a long time.

Salinas made it clear that getting ready for climate change is a must for today's homes. Hubble's smart analysis gives clear guidance to homeowners and builders on how to make homes more resistant to extreme weather and hotter temperatures.

The pitch concluded with a call to action, inviting experts and stakeholders in real estate, construction, and local government to join forces with Hubble. The aim is to foster a collaborative environment where innovative ideas can flourish, particularly in the social and community housing areas.

Salinas underscored the potential for these collaborations to create lasting change. By focusing on energy-efficient and sustainable homes, partnerships can lead the way in developing socially responsible and environmentally friendly housing solutions.

Looking Forward to COP29

Looking forward, Hubble is focused on the next COP29 event, set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from November 11 to 22, 2024.

Hubble is expanding its efforts after a significant year in which it supported 10,000 residents across three local councils in Adelaide's western regions. They aim to work with 20 local governments across Australia, adapting their strategy to meet the specific needs of each area.

Hubble’s commitment to developing innovative and eco-friendly homes is as strong as ever. They’re excited to share their latest work and insights with the housing industry at next year's conference.

Australia's Climate Stance Post-COP28 and Expectations for COP29

Following COP28, Australia has solidified its stance on climate issues. The nation focused on the Global Stocktake, which offered insights into the world's progress on the Paris Agreement. Here's a summary of Australia's takeaways:

  • A reaffirmed commitment to climate action
  • Progress in the shift to renewable energy
  • Efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions
  • Enhanced resilience within communities and natural ecosystems

Outcomes from COP28 included:

  • A detailed review of global climate action progress
  • Recognition of successful initiatives and pinpointing areas needing more attention
  • The consensus on accelerating the renewable energy transition

As we look towards COP29, Australia's objectives include:

  • Further reductions in emissions across all sectors
  • Greater integration of renewable energy into the national grid
  • Promoting sustainable practices, such as the expansion of electric vehicle use

Australia's pursuit of renewable energy leadership supports its contribution to a net-zero global economy and its ongoing efforts in the fight against climate change.

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