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Designing your home is an important and personal process. Choosing the right designer is arguably the most crucial step...
Written by
Amber Pascoe
Published on
March 29, 2024

Designing your home is an important and personal process. Choosing the right designer is arguably the most crucial step to designing your new home or renovation. Read on to discover 5 quick tips to help you find the right designer for you.

1. Develop a wish list

Understanding what you and your family need and want out of a home is a key starting point. Begin preliminary research by jotting down your wishes/style preferences in order of priority. Answer the following questions to get you started;

  • Where do you want to live and why?
  • Do you want to build, renovate or buy off the plan?
  • What are your goals?
  • How could your future home improve your lifestyle?
  • What is your budget?

2. Approach the right designers

Seek professionals who specialise in your style preferences, goals, and ideals (e.g. energy-efficient homes). Starting the search can be made easier by using online Building Design Platforms such as Superdraft, where hundreds of pre-approved designers/architects are found all in one place. Regardless of where you start, make sure you select potential designers based on location, experience, qualifications, demonstrated capacity to deliver (portfolio), budget, and references from previous clients.

3. Ask a lot of questions

It can be an exciting albeit confusing process, especially if it is your first home or renovation project. The right designer for you should be willing to listen to and answer your questions within reason.

4. Compatibility is important

During the designing process, it is likely that you will need to spend a lot of time with your designer. Once you have a shortlist of potential designers, it is important to choose one that you will be able to work well with. It is a good idea to meet your potential designers in-person to ensure you feel comfortable, get on well with them and that they listen to you and understand your vision.

5. Compare quotes

If necessary, collect more than one quote and analyse the scope carefully to understand what service each designer is offering. Remember that the lowest or highest price does not mean the best outcome!

Some helpful questions to consider during the comparison could include;

  • Are they able to show you portfolio examples similar to your budget and design brief?
  • What is their service offering? Do they oversee planning approvals as well as sketching plans?
  • What stages are in their design process and what deliverables can you expect?
  • What are the fees involved? Do they charge as a percentage of the project cost, a fixed sum, or an hourly rate?

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